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“ I’m all about digital content. I like to make it, manage it, optimise it and personalise it. I’ve been doing this for 15 years. Web, app, chat, voice... I'm excited to be part of it all. ”

I'm a digital content strategist, designer, analyst and manager. Which means I will dig into what your site or app hopes to achieve, and then find ways to create and cull and optimise content to make that work.

I’ve crafted, published and maintained material for all sorts of sites and markets.

I've served retail, corporate, government and educational sectors. I’ve done this as a part of big teams and also as a sole provider.

Sure, I’m Agile: I enjoy working in Agile environments, collaborating with analysts, UXers, designers and devs. I also work closely with product specialists, marketers, SMEs, and legal teams.
CMSes: I’ve been in lots of ‘em. Open source and proprietary. They can all be great. They all have their problems.
Tools: There are new tools all the time. My ready go-tos are Jira, Confluence and Trello.


Gillian Rogers


+61 412 181 097

“Perfection is ephemeral. I work hard to make content that's good, and I keep working so it stays that way.”

My Skills

Content Strategy

Editorial planning
Workflow mapping

Content Creation

Working with stakeholders
Identifying needs - text, audio, video
Producing the right content in the right place

Content Operations


Optimisation and Personalisation

User research
User testing

My Employment

Origin Energy - April 2017 - present
Senior Content Manager (Aug 2020–present), Senior Content Strategist (Jan–Aug 2020), Acting Content Director (Mar–Nov 2019), Content Lead (Apr 2017–Mar 2019)

I'm leading Origin's Digital Content Team, made up of UX writers, conversational designers and SEO consultants. I guide the strategic direction of Origin's retail customer-facing content and oversee all content operations. My team plans, produces, creates and optimises content through our campaign and sales journeys, and within the customer portal of My Account – both on the site and in our app. We’re also responsible for overall site governance, for which I developed the Digital Content Style Guide. Our key stakeholders are Product and Pricing, Sales and Marketing, and Legal and Compliance.

Key tasks: Content Strategy, Content Operations, Optimisation, Personalisation, Content Management, Governance, Project management.

RMIT - Mar–June 2016
Content consultant

In mid 2016, RMIT replaced its CMS with an Adobe customised build. This necessitated the build of a number of templates and modules specific to RMIT's content needs. My deep knowledge of RMIT's content was integral to this role but there were also new requirements to learn and understand. I was contracted five months before launch to scope the final requirements and work with the offshore dev team to ensure all were met. I conducted user acceptance testing with the RMIT web community and ultimately trained all RMIT editors and managers on how to use the new CMS.
Key tasks: Analysis, Scoping, Testing, Training

Jetstar - May 2015–Mar 2016
Digital content writer and accessibility specialist

Through 2015 and into 2016, Jetstar overhauled its booking engine and website in all 11 of the countries where it has a digital presence (some of them in more than one language). I played a key role in organising, crafting and revising the content for the English speaking sites, working closely with the Product, Legal, and Brand and Marketing teams. I was eventually given the lead role in ensuring Jetstar's content met AA and sometimes AAA Accessibility requirements.
Key tasks: Writing, Editing, Content modelling, Accessibility, Content management, Governance

RMIT - July 2012–May 2015
Senior Content Analyst & Site Editor

I started at RMIT as a Digital Editor, but after 6 months I moved into the Site Editor role. Six months from then I became the Senior Content Analyst. I was part of the web transformation project team. I developed the content brief for our first stage (the Global website, launched Jan 2014) – and coordinated the content creators to deliver content in synch with the building of the site (so we could develop with real content). In an Agile environment, I worked with Developers and UXers to ready and refine all content requirements, and represent the business requirements and rules for a content-led, fully accessible digital presence of RMIT that speaks to the Australian public audience. In December 2014, we launched the new Public site. In 2015, we tackled the Staff and Students sites - beginning with a full site audit and analysis.
Key tasks: Team leading, Analysis, Auditing, Scoping, User research, Content modelling, Governance, Writing, Editing, Testing, Training

Aconex - Feb 2011–July 2012
Content Strategist & Editor

In my initial months with Aconex I developed the start-up and ongoing content strategy for thedcwire.com: a site that intends to foster a community for, and enhance the professional standing of, document controllers in construction and engineering. I worked closely with the UX team while simultaneously forging close ties with SMEs. I also developed short and long-term content management processes and plans for their Support site, Support Central. I continued to advise and assist the General Services, UX and Marketing teams with content direction and production.
Key tasks: Content management, Writing, Editing, Analysis, User research

Victorian Department of Treasury & Finance - July–Nov 2010
PFAL Content Manager

This short-term contract required me to plan and design an IA to house information pertaining to a major change in public finance legislation. I worked predominantly with the Policy team, ensuring air-tight compliance, and with the Communications team, to develop the best web communications solution possible.
Key tasks: Analysis, Scoping, User research, Content modelling, Content management, Governance, Writing, Editing

World Vision Australia - Nov 2006–July 2010
Editorial Lead & Copywriting Team Leader

I was a key player in the creation of a content-rich, issue-driven site when World Vision transformed its site. I helped develop the IA; I determined the editorial voice; I managed the team of in-house and freelance writers; and I oversaw upload of all content. Post the April ’09 launch, I managed content across the entire site. I responded to requests and made content recommendations to all business sectors; I consulted regularly and effectively with Legal to ensure World Vision’s child-protection and other policies were adhered to; I crafted eDM (collaborating with the broader digital team to track progress and success). I managed a team consisting of in-house content writers and coordinators and freelance writers on short-term contracts.
Key tasks: Team leading, Content management, Writing, Editing, Research, Governance

City of Moonee Valley - Nov 200–Nov 2008
Marketing Manager, Arts & Culture

The City of Moonee Valley’s Cultural Facilities are the Clocktower Centre, a 503-seat professional theatre and function centre, and the Incinerator Arts Complex, a visual and performing arts space. While in the role, I devised and executed marketing and communication plans that realised a 38% increase in theatre season subscriptions and I secured inaugural venue sponsorship for the Clocktower.
Key tasks: Team leading, Research, Planning, Execution, Reporting

The employers and clients here cross industries and sectors. They've given me great exposure to their worlds and they've surely honed my skills at serving a variety of masters.

These are roles across permanent, contractor and freelancer capacities.

From June 2016 to April 2017, I took maternity leave for the birth of my second child.

My Portfolio

Content pieces, 2019–2021

Content pieces, 2019–2021

A representative sample of content created and managed by my Digital Content Team at Origin Energy through 2019 and 2020, and into 2021. It includes: Information pages Help and support content Blog posts Path-to-purchase widgets Asynchronous messaging & Live Chat...

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Origin Energy

Origin Energy

What a great team. As Senior Content Strategist, I work with a great team of UX writers, voice specialists and multimedia strategists. Our mission is to create radically simple content that delights and inspires. We do a lot of SEO,...

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RMIT in 2016

RMIT in 2016

From March to June 2016, I worked with the RMIT Digital Channel Management team on the re-platforming of the university's website content to a new CMS, Adobe Experience Manager. Requirements scoping had commenced prior to my joining the team, but...

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Jetstar is transforming its booking engine and its broader website, rolling out new sites across all its regions. I'm crafting content for all English language sites – embedded with the Product teams, and liaising rigorously with the Brand, Marketing and Legal teams. Key...

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RMIT public site

RMIT public site

This was a project I sweated blood over for what seemed a looooong time. But a demanding day job can be a grand pursuit indeed when you're in the company of fine people, and my, it was a super crew. We were well underway...

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Soul Scissors

Soul Scissors

With regular enquiries coming in, a thriving hairdressing salon needed more than its placeholder site. I made Soul Scissors a simple brochure site that gives open times and appointment details, info on the products used, and showcases the salon’s passion...

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Experimental Psychology Conference 2016

Experimental Psychology Conference 2016

Every year, an Australian university hosts EPC, an annual conference that brings together some 300+ psychology academics and students (both undergrad and postgrad) - from Australia and internationally. In 2016 it is Melbourne University's turn, and I was hired to build...

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The Great Game of 500 I've been playing 500 with a group of friends since 2001. In late March 2014, I decided our game - as utterly frivolous and inconsequential as it is - was wholly worthwhile and long overdue...

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RMIT Global RMIT's global site - rmit.com - went live on 13 January 2014, following 6 months' development work. It is the first major implementation of RMIT's entire web transformation. As Senior Content Analyst, I had a key role in...

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I developed a process for reviewing and recasting much of the content on help.aconex.com - designing the content structure and rewriting to ensure it was customer focussed and user friendly. They were a great bunch of people to work for, and...

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“You live and learn. At any rate, you live.* ”

My Education

I have a Masters degree in Communications, with a specialty in digital comms and a Bachelor degree in Communication and English.

I like learning opportunities, formal and informal. I'll take 'em where I can get 'em.

* That's Douglas Adams, of course.

Attendee- CS Forum, Melbourne

This was a fantastic 2 day conference with some of the big international names of content strategy - Kristina Halvorson, Rahel Bailie, Richard Ingram. It was an opportunity not to be missed - so I didn't and neither did my (mostly extremely well behaved) 10-week-old baby.

Master of Communication- RMIT

I completed this Masters with a thesis subject that saw me do a 4-month research-guided case study on the workplace-project I was then engaged in. It examined, and interrogated, a content-led approach to a digital development project.

Certified- The Public Speaking Academy, Melbourne

Yo. I can address a room.

Bachelor of Arts (Communications & English)- Murdoch University

I majored in writing and film studies.

“ I'm up for a conversation about all sorts of things. Please drop me a line.”

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